As first mover, Polyfuels Group AB is planning to set up a 2 tonnes per day demo Plastic to Oil (PTO) plant in Billingsfors in 2023, and plans to set up a 24 tonnes per day PTO operation on the same site in 2025.

Bengtsfors municipality will be a partner in the project by facilitating the conditions in the feasibility study concerning contacts and partners locally, regionally and centrally

Area just outside Billingsfors already prepared for industries and a plastic to fuel plant.
Logistically optimized for transport of plastic to the plant and pyrolysis oil
for further transport to chemical recycling and new plastic.

Overview of locations for the planned plastic pyrolysis plants in Halden and Billingsfors.

The demo plant will be the first industrial operation for testing a variety of plastic feedstock, from all market channels, optimizing the PTO process and analyzing the pyrolysis oil.

This will set new standards of chemical recycling and marks an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

The company’s purpose is through environmentally friendly technology to operate a circular, financially profitable, sustainable activities in material recycling processes of plastic and other organic materials. The company produces and sells end products from the chemical processes that convert plastic and organic material into liquid carbon compounds.

Polyfuels Group AB are also owner of Polyfuels Viken AS planning a 24ton plastic pyrolysis plant outside Halden City. The first operations are planned to start Q4 2025.


High quality pyrolysis oil from our technology partner, produced with a yield of 75-91%.

Yield is defined as example: 1 kilo plastic in – 1 Liter oil out (= 100 % yield).

The concept is based on collecting plastic feedstock from the industry – and also the mixed plastic from the households being incinerated today, but not mechanically recycled into new plastic pellets. This plastic will be washed, crushed and go through a thermochemical closed and clean process in reactors creating pyrolysis oil.

The pyrolysis-oil will then be processed further in a – cracking process – with the companys industrial chemical partner into new plastic and thus contributing in a sustainable green circular economy.

For more information, please contact:

CEO Geir Langeland

Mobile: +47 934 80 044